A Treat for Me- Sephora VIB Sale

I’m not ashamed to say that I spend a small fortune on makeup and skincare products in a year. I love them. All of them. I have a particular weakness for lipsticks and blush. It’s probably time someone held an intervention, but until then, I’ll hoard all the pretty things and lord over my collection like the self-satisfied consumer I am. Continue reading

This Weekend’s Food Projects- Moussaka

We try to have a nice Sunday dinner. We also knew that Saturday’s dinner would be hard to beat, so when Ross was looking for inspiration, he stumbled across a recipe for Moussaka that inspired nostalgia and a bit of excitement. Since Saturday was spent completing all the week-ahead cooking, I thought we could easily tackle this recipe. It was the only thing I had to do! Fool. This one was complicated. Moussaka- it’s basically lasagna, and had I thought about that before planning to make it, I would have reconsidered. Don’t get me wrong- it was delicious. It was also approximately 35 dirty pans, 62 utensils, and 14 mixing bowls of fun to clean up (which, thankfully for me, is my husband’s job). Continue reading

This Weekend’s Food Projects- The perfect ragu

In our house, weekends are for cooking. Usually my weekends are spent in my kitchen, streaming a tv show of choice (right now it’s Supernatural), and cooking up a storm. Ross is often in the background, offering his thoughts on the current plot twists, or helpfully putting things away before I use them. This weekend was no different. Cold weekend+time change= comfort food. Continue reading