Five Cookbooks I Love

I love cookbooks. They keep me from cooking the same 6 things over and over (here’s looking at you, 2009,) and I’m often inspired to try new techniques or flavor combos that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

In our kitchen, we have a bookshelf that holds our collection of cookbooks, and my husband’s beer glass collection. Our top shelf is the elite of the elite- the ones we reach for the most. Off that shelf, here are the five easily accessible, great for cooks of all levels books I think everyone should own:

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New Year’s Eve Makeup- From Work to Party

There’s a good chance that my New Year’s Eve makeup will be the same as my work makeup this year. There’s been talk of a quick beer after work, then Indian takeout, so we can be in our PJ’s well ahead of the ball-drop. What can I say- we live a crazy life. This look is what I’d do if we were going out- heavier and sparklier than my every day, but still soft enough I don’t scare myself.

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My Anniversary- Marriage and a Bit of Food

Nine years. I can’t believe it. It feels like just yesterday we were saying ‘I do’. It also feels like a lifetime ago. We were two babies about to embark on a pretty intense journey. Everyone said we were crazy for getting married so young. We thought so too. We knew we were taking a risk. We also couldn’t continue down the path we were on: living in separate countries, flying back and forth 3 or 4 times a year. Calling once a week, emailing every day. We were friends first. The rest came later. Too late to still be living in the same town, so we “dated” from a distance. It was hard. Very hard. And we knew we were at a crossroads. Break up? Stay in purgatory? Get married? We chose to try.

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Obsessed with Blush- My Most Used Blushes

I have a blush problem. Actually, I have a face problem- as in, I only have one set of cheeks. I can’t wear the million blushes I own all at once, but I seem to keep collecting them anyway. I do love a gorgeous blush, and choosing the right one each day is a small moment of joy. I’ve narrowed it down to my faves, and these are the ones I reach for the most.

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Christmas Crafts- Homemade Treats

Each year, I really struggle with what to do for my workplace gifts (and Ross’s). I want to give something most will enjoy, not just throw away when I’m not looking (not that I’ve ever done that myself, cough* cough*). Together, we have almost 50 people to cover, and because we are both food people, homemade treats are our go-to.

This year, caramel corn was calling my name. It’s relatively easy, and it stores well for a few days to allow for delivery. Last year, I did English Toffee, and while I loved the process, I won’t be doing that again for so many. Too much work and mess and not enough final product. I made the first batch back in September for Ross and I to try, and I knew it would be a contender.

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Cyber Week Treats- What I Bought

I’m pretty much a ‘buy it when I need it’ girl. Usually, I have a few wish list items that hang around, but mostly I buy what I need when I need it. That being said, these days there are few things I really need. For the ‘things I want’ category, I kept my eyes peeled for Cyber Monday deals to take the best advantage of special offers. My most recent purchases are a mix of ‘things I need’ and ‘things I want’.

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San Diego Girls Weekend A.K.A. food food food

When my cousin and Vampire Diaries- watching partner-in-crime, Lindsey took a job with a great company in San Diego, I was a sad panda. Mostly because we hung out weekly to watch TVD, (or True Blood during summers) gossip, and knit. Moving meant saying goodbye to our usual rituals. Moving also meant the possibility for visits, and in October, I flew out for a girls weekend.

Lindsey moved in July, so she had some time before I visited to get to know the city a bit. I’d been to San Diego twice previously, but both times I was under 21, and more interested in the zoo than the culture.

We ate. We talked. We laughed. We ate. We talked. We ate. We ate. We ate.

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Weekly Obsessions #1 – Five Things I’m Obsessed With This Week

1. Knitting. I took a knitting class last year when I found out my sister was having a baby. I had dreams of knitting all the cute things in the world, but it turns out that I’ve not knitted one baby related item at all. I enjoy it, so I’m taking that enjoyment and forcing it’s output onto the people I love in the form of homemade gifts. I knitted this scarf for my mother-in-law, and I’m knitting this hat for my sister-in-law. My grandma is home from Florida for the Christmas season, so she’s next on my list. Hope they like them. They don’t get a choice in the matter. 🙂

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