Cyber Week Treats- What I Bought

I’m pretty much a ‘buy it when I need it’ girl. Usually, I have a few wish list items that hang around, but mostly I buy what I need when I need it. That being said, these days there are few things I really need. For the ‘things I want’ category, I kept my eyes peeled for Cyber Monday deals to take the best advantage of special offers. My most recent purchases are a mix of ‘things I need’ and ‘things I want’.

In the ‘things I want’ category, the Lorac Pro Palette 2 topped the list. I’d seen endless positive reviews about it, and I love the original Pro Palette. When Lorac announced they were going to sell the palette for $31.50 (normally $42), I jumped. Their shadows are so pigmented and the textures are great. I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to have 16 top-quality shadows at such a great price.


I’ve only done a few looks with this palette, but so far, I LOVE IT. I’m a neutral, neutral, neutral eye shadow lover, and even I’m excited by the vibrancy of the Plum and Navy shades. The shade Jade looked surprisingly gray on me, but I’ve only worn it once so far.

The second (and so far my favorite) of my purchase was a NARS Audacious Lipstick in the shade Grace. It’s described as a bright pink coral, and that’s exactly what it is. This lipstick is like, WHOA, on the pigmentation. It’s also creamy, so I haven’t yet figured out the best lipliner combo to keep things sharp. I’ve been using the colorless Lipstick Queen Invisible liner to seal the edges. I’ve been wearing a lot of matte lipstick, so I’m used to a bit more staying power. This lipstick requires frequent touch-ups, but I put it on and suddenly, I’m a BOSS. I love it. That’s all I can say.



The first on my ‘things I need’ list was the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion. I’ve been on the hunt for a black liner for tightlining my waterline that doesn’t transfer. I had such high hopes with this one, but I’m still not sure. I’ve worn it three times now and I cannot complain about pigmentation. It’s sooooo black, but it’s also too soft (which is kind of the point). Too soft for me. I have to apply it, then smudge it in with a gel-liner brush. When I tightline with it, the product is almost grated between my lashes, and even though I smudge and distribute the product well, it doesn’t seem to set. I absolutely LOVE the way it looks, but it continues to transfer throughout the day, and I end up with black smudges under my eyes. I’m going to keep experimenting. I’ve tried SO MANY black eyeliners for tightlining, so far no luck.


Finally, I stocked up on the one product I cannot live without. I use Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm¬†every day. It melts my makeup off. It melts my waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and shadow. It removes my foundation (what’s left at the end of the day) and most importantly- it doesn’t break me out. I cleanse again after using it with a different product, but this is my go-to makeup remover. Holy Grail status. No eye stinging, no weird smell, and no oily residue.

DSC_0241Four products- three loves and one like. Not too bad. I’m going to continue to get to know these new products, and maybe do a quick FOTD with them. Overall, very very happy cyber Monday shopper.

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