Our Favorite Sunday Breakfast Treat- Waffles

I love Sunday mornings. They are usually pretty lazy. I try to avoid doing anything on Sunday’s that requires leaving the house. There is something inherently wrong in having to properly get dressed on Sundays. I like pajamas. And coffee. And a newspaper. And DVR catch-up. And WAFFLES!

Is there anything better than a waffle? Crispy, chewy, buttery and maple-syrupy goodness. My fave. I use this recipe from Food Network and after trying several others, its become my go-to. I always double it to make enough waffles to freeze for on-the-go snacks an breakfasts, but it’s a very balanced and delicious recipe.


The recipe requires some rest time, so I make the batter while coffee is brewing. It says to rest it for 30 min, but I like to stir less (which means the batter is still lumpy) and leave it sit for longer- an hour or so- give it another gentle stir to break up lumps. This helps keep the waffles soft and not so tough. (as a side note, I didn’t have any AP flour as the recipe called for, so I used half bread flour and half cake flour and the texture was AMAZE).


Four to four-and-a-half minutes later and you have all the spectacular goodness you can ask for in a waffle:


Now. After I make all the straight-up waffles I can stand, I always try to make one extra special one. Usually, it’s banana related because husband is a banana fiend, but I just so happened to have homemade vanilla marshmallows lying around:



Obviously this means Fluffernutter waffles:


Tear up some of those pillow-soft marshmallows. Drop in some peanut butter. Close the machine and BOOM. Gooey goodness.




This was my first attempt at a fluffernutter waffle. Next time, I’d add the marshmallows after its cooked to melt a bit. They sort of disappeared in the batter because they don’t hold structure as well as store-bought marshmallows. They did, however, caramelize and make the waffle crazy crispy and delicious. Definitely a repeat.

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