Quick FOTD- Ready for work in no time flat

Getting ready for work in the morning usually goes one of two ways- quick and easy or terrible and complicated. Usually things go off the rails when I think “hmmm, I should try something new today”. Note to self: don’t try new looks on a workday. Everyone knows experimenting is for the weekend. 🙂  I didn’t follow my own advice today and somehow managed to pull off the impossible- a quick and easy face using a few products outside my normal routine.

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Our Favorite Sunday Breakfast Treat- Waffles

I love Sunday mornings. They are usually pretty lazy. I try to avoid doing anything on Sunday’s that requires leaving the house. There is something inherently wrong in having to properly get dressed on Sundays. I like pajamas. And coffee. And a newspaper. And DVR catch-up. And WAFFLES!

Is there anything better than a waffle? Crispy, chewy, buttery and maple-syrupy goodness. My fave. I use this recipe from Food Network and after trying several others, its become my go-to. I always double it to make enough waffles to freeze for on-the-go snacks an breakfasts, but it’s a very balanced and delicious recipe.

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Prepping My Skin for Makeup

I love makeup so much. All the colors, the scents, the textures. I love the shiny things, and the crazy things. As any makeup lover knows, makeup isn’t magic. In order to get the most out of your products, your skin should be as good as it can get. Wanna know what I don’t love? My skin. My skin is a beast of it’s own. I have large pores, redness, acne scarring, and uneven texture. Sound a treat? It isn’t.  In my teens, I had moderate acne. Bad enough to go through all the topicals, antibiotics, and other dermatological treatments, but never bad enough to do Accutane (although parts of me know wish I had).

Now that I’m older (31 cough* cough*) my skin has settled down to a much more manageable and predictable pattern. I still have breakouts, and I still have uneven texture, but mostly I can keep wild fluctuations under control.

After years of experimenting, I now know what it takes to take good care of my skin, and how to best prep it for a full face of makeup

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