Weekly Obsessions #3 – Christmas Edition

I know it’s technically the day after Christmas, but I’m still obsessed with all things Christmas and holidays… It’s my absolute favorite time of year, and with that in mind, here are a few things I’m obsessed with this week:

1. Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I know. I know. I’m 31. But hey, nostalgia is real on this one. I watch it every year as I hang the tree ornaments, and again on Christmas Eve Eve (again, a real thing) to really get me in the Ho Ho spirit. Sorry not sorry on this one.

2. White Elephant gift exchanges. I have multiple of these each year and my favorite is the one for my colleagues because we find the tackiest, craziest, useless stuff and fight like dogs over it. With a $10 spending limit, creativity is at it’s finest with this one. My family gift exchange is a nice gift for $25, but it’s so much less stressful than the good ol’ days when we all bought for each other and spent wayyyy too much on stuff no one needed. This exchange also gets feisty, as someone always puts in $25 cash and we trade like mad for it.

3. My nephew. He’s almost 7 months old and he’s giving me an excuse to get into Christmas even more than I already am. He’ll never remember this Christmas. He probably won’t remember the next several Christmases, but that hasn’t stopped my sister and I from going a little nuts to make sure he’s experiencing traditions that we love. He’ll get a pass this year, and maybe next, but after that, I fully expect him to get on the Christmas tradition bandwagon, starting with getting up on Christmas day at 5:30 for Santa!

IMG_0681  IMG_0676

4. My sister. I know, these obsessions are a little tradition and family heavy, but that’s what’s on my mind this week. She loves Christmas as much as I do. Since before I can remember, she and I slept in the same bed on Christmas Eve, and we’d lay awake and talk about Santa, and we’d watch the clock together. Counting the minutes until 5:30 when we were allowed to get out of bed (parents rules). This tradition continued even after I was married, and she’d sleep on a pallet on the floor with us. She’s a mom now, and watching her with her son, watching her give him so much of what a little man really needs- love, encouragement, kindness, joy- I know he’ll never want for anything that really matters. I’m more in love with her now than ever. Because she’s just that special. She and I are still kids at heart, and her kid will always have magic in his life (not just Christmas magic) because the magic is in the love and joy you have everyday. She has that for her son. She has it for life. I cannot wait for future Christmases.

5. My Christmas Tree. It’s the little Charlie Brown Tree Engine That Could. We were given it by my best friend and her husband almost 6 years ago now. We meant to use it for only one year, but No matter what happens, I can’t seem to replace it. I don’t want a gigantic tree. I don’t want a pre-lit tree. No matter how many times I’ve looked, I just can’t find another great one, so until such a magic time occurs that I stumble upon “THE TREE” this one is making it!


I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Holiday, whichever holiday you celebrate. Enjoy time with family and friends. I know I will.

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