Curry Quest- Chicken Tikka Masala

We are always on a quest to find delicious homemade curry. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every recipe variation out there, and I have a few I really love, but I’m still on a mission to try and replicate restaurant quality curry at home. (Imposs, I know)

Nevertheless, we decided to try the Chicken Tikka Masala from the Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries book. Pretty sure no one can mess up a tikka masala.

Any great curry starts with spices. mmmmm. The smells… Toasting and grinding the spices is totally worth the effort. I think store bought curry powder mixes taste one-note and kinda perfumey. This way, you get much more variation in flavor.

DSC_0059  DSC_0064  DSC_0094  DSC_0096

Mix some of the spice powder with some salt, fresh grated garlic, fresh grated ginger, and whole fat greek yogurt (aside- I never use salt as recommended in a recipe. I always salt by sight. Much more accurate way to control your seasoning.) Add your cut up chicken. Marinate for many hours (mine was about 6 hours). The chicken was the most tender chicken I’ve ever eaten EVER. I’m putting all meat in greek yogurt from now on.

DSC_0097  DSC_0104

I threw together the curry sauce while my oven preheated.

DSC_0201  DSC_0227

Pureed onion, garlic and ginger. Sauteed until soft. Fry the remaining spices and add tomato paste and water.

I set the chicken on a wire rack to mimic grilling in my oven. This turned out to be totally unnecessary, as the marinade did not liquefy in the heat. It stayed very dry, so next time, I’ll just roast it straight on the tray. I have yet to discover how my dishwasher will do against the rack. Here’s hoping the dishwasher wins.

DSC_0212  DSC_0256

I cooked them for 10 minutes in a 400 degree oven before putting them under the broiler for another 10, turning every few minutes. Pop them in the sauce, warm up for a few more minutes, spoon over rice and boom. Delicious dinner.

DSC_0270  DSC_0266

If you remembered to buy cilantro (unlike me), you would garnish at this point. We ate ours with roasted cauliflower tossed with smoked paprika and lemon juice. Nice non-intrusive veggie side for curries.

We’ll make this again for sure. Besides making the spice mix and having to marinate chicken, it was start to finish an hour. Not bad for a from-scratch curry. I’d highly recommend it.

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