Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette

It’s sooooooooo preeeeeetttttyyyyyy. Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. Whew. I feel better. I think I can try to be coherent now. Ok- I’ve always had a passion for makeup. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy the process of putting my makeup on in the morning. I’m not particularly skilled at it, I just absolutely love doing it. Over the past year, I’ve started taking an interest in the skill of makeup application, and one glaring hole in my makeup collection (and use) is matte eyeshadows. In the past, I’d slap on one shade on my eyelids and call it done. Or (and even to more mixed result) I’d layer on lots of shimmery eyeshadows, never quite achieving the look I thought I was. So when I saw tarte’s latest palette- the tartelette Amazonian clay matte palette– a 12-shadow palette, I knew I had to have it. My first thought was “Ooohhhh, it’s so pretty.” Seriously, it’s soooooo pretty. On top of being one of the best packaged palettes I own, it’s also incredibly practical (if practicality floats your boat).


Since my go-to look these days is light lids, mid-tone crease and lots of black eyeliner and mascara, I’ve been used this palette every day since I bought it. The formula of the shadows is nice- a bit powdery, but I find that true for most tarte eyeshadows- but the colors build well and are easy to use.

This palette is the answer for anyone (like me) who says “I just need a shadow a little lighter/darker/browner/pinker” than whatever is in the shadow palette I’m using. It’s got warm tones, cool tones, all the tones. Now that I’m getting older and I’m more mindful of making myself appear older (not ‘more mature’ like I hoped in my 20’s, like a decade older than my actual age, older.) Matte shadows work best for work, and day-to-day wear. I still throw in some shimmer, but I’m more mindful of it now than ever.

Basically, this is a great palette for anyone that needs easy makeup. Or anyone that really wants to learn how to create looks that are more complicated than a one-shadow sweep.

And in case the shadows themselves weren’t reason enough, the next best thing about this palette is THE MIRROR! It’s huge. It will be with me any time I travel because, YES.

I used it when I did my New Year’s Eve makeup. Here it is in action-

DSC_0080  DSC_0079

It’s the best mirror ever.

I love this palette. I may do a post with a ‘Face of the Day’ with it soon. I’m wearing it today- Super mom on the lids (bottom left), Power Player in the crease (bottom row, second from right) and Dreamer on the outer corner (top row, second from right). DSC_0038

It’s available from the tarte website as well as Sephora. Worth it!!!


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