Three Easy Ways to Wear Blue Eyeliner

In my last Sephora order, I decided to burn some points and ordered a blue eyeliner pencil. When it arrived, I thought “when will I ever wear this?” so of course, I had to test it out to see how I could use it, lest it be permanently lost in the hoard of other colorful eyeliners I own that never get used.

I started with this basic eye look, since it’s exactly how I’d start almost any look paired with a bold eyeliner. Basic black liner, neutral lids, mascara. It’s the best frame for building any look.

The first look is super simple- just run a line of the blue pencil on top of the black. You still have the soft neutral lids, and by running the eyeliner over the top of the black liquid liner, you maintain a black tightline and add just a pop of color. This is how I wear blue eyeliner to work. It’s subtle and fun. Win-win.

DSC_0499  DSC_0506

The next look isn’t much different- I just deepened the crease color and added more shadow. The shadow I used is from the tarte Golden Days and Sultry Nights palette in the ‘Tropical Sunset’ bronze shade. It’s the perfect amount of warm on my skin without reading red or orange, the way some bronzes can. Running the shadow from the outer portion of my crease up towards the middle of my lid provides a bit more definition, and just a bit more contrast to the blue. A little added dimension makes the blue stand out, and gives the look a bit more polish. Fancier. Still work appropriate.

DSC_0509  DSC_0511


For the final look, I pulled the blue around the inner corner and halfway across the bottom lashes. I took my crease color the rest of the way on the outer half of the bottom lashes and winged out the color slightly for shape and added mascara to those lashes. This is by far more full-on and fun than I’d wear during the day to work, but it’s a great transition from the first look if you want something that wears well from day to night.

DSC_0517  DSC_0538

Not much in the ways of lips or cheeks with this look as the blue eyeliner needs to be the star.

Three simple, wearable ways to use the blue eyeliner gathering dust in your makeup drawer.




As always, a picture of all the products I used for this look:


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