Let’s See What Happens- Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

This is the palette that launched an obsession with all things makeup. I saw this palette in a magazine, and although I’d heard of the original Naked palette, I never had the desire to own it. When I saw this one, however, I’m pretty sure I made one of those dream boards just try to materialize it out of thin air. I reach for this palette when I have no clue what I want to do with my makeup. I reach for this palette when I want whatever I do to turn out brilliantly. Even though I love this palette, I still get in a bit of a rut with it, so sitting down with a camera and no plan is the best way for me to push my comfort zone and get a bit more use out of a go-to favorite.

Remember those foundation samples I referenced in a previous post? This time I tried the Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology (Ok. OVER BLOATED NAME. Yikes) in number 01. I won’t belabor the process because I’m pretty sure I’ve been over it.


Believe it or not, my skin is in pretty good shape right now (still red, always red) but breakouts are way under control and it’s calmer and smoother than ever.


This one seems to have a dewier finish than I’m used to, but the coverage looked quite natural, if not as full as the NARS All Day Luminous Weight Foundation.


You can see the difference. The side I covered just happens to have more redness and blotchiness anyway, and it really evened it out.


I’ve almost hit pan on ‘Bootycall’ and I’ve used ‘Chopper’ twice already on this blog (here and here). I’ll buy ‘Blackout’ as a single shadow because it is by far the blackest, smoothest shadow I’ve ever tried. I get this palette out just for this black shadow. It’s. Just. Perfection.

Ok, so I prepped and primed my lids using my usual combo- Urban Decay Primer Potion and MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pot in Painterly. Then I patted ‘Suspect’ all over my lid as the base shadow and swept ‘Foxy’ from the crease to my brow bone.


I ran ‘Tease’ in my crease, focusing most of the color on the outer corner, barely taking the color in towards the inner corner to keep the shape elongated. Tease is the only matte shadow in the palette, and I wish there was one more just a few shades deeper than Tease.


Then, I built up the outer corner with ‘Snakebite’ This color is warm and perfect and awesome.


I ran ‘Tease’ along the bottom lash line to build the shape on the outer corner. For a little bit of dimension, I patted ‘Verve’ right in the center of the mobile lid.


For liner, I’m actually not using a pen liner (SHOCKER). I ran a pencil thin line of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion along my upper lash line. This pencil is waaaaayyyy soft and the only way I use it is to draw it on, then blend it all the way out with a pencil brush.


It creates a soft and blended line that looks slightly smoky. Look at the picture below. Can you see my forehead wrinkles and the blotchy foundation on my cheek? This foundation moves a lot too. It doesn’t really dry down, so I had a lot of fixing to do since I don’t set my face with powder until my eye makeup is finished.


I did the same on the other eye with the eyeliner, and tightlined (always always always) and fixed the foundation issues on my cheeks.




Mascara on top and bottom lashes, and done! (Maybelline’s Falsies Mascara in Very Black and waterproof)

I set my face with powder and patted on a bit of Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush just on the upper parts of my cheekbones. I also swept a little bit of the Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer for highlight at the tops of my cheekbones as well.  This was my attempt at keeping my skin natural looking and not too cakey or powdery.



I really liked the way this turned out. It’s a bit more full-on than I’d usually wear, so I really enjoyed applying these shadows in a way I might not in a day-to-day. I’d wear this look again in a heartbeat.

Prepare yourselves. The other thing I did not do in this look is put on any lipstick! I know that if I wear this again, I’ll be rocking the natural lip. Nothing more than balm.



This is what happens when mom calls during photos. I’m trying not to get makeup all over my phone…




Here is a closer look at the Naked 2 palette and a shot of the products I used:




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