Sunday Food Round-Up: Prepping for the Week Ahead

We usually reserve Sunday’s for a great food project, and because I spend so much time in the kitchen already, I always try to multi-task to ease the burden a bit on our weeknight cooking. This is going to be a super quick post- no lengthy details about how to make any of these things, just a round up to show you all the things I omit when I post about Sunday food projects.

First, I make my list.


I always start my making our breakfast for the week ahead. This week it’s sweet potato and root vegetable hash. I fry an egg each morning for us to put on top and it’s the perfect quick, filling and veggie-centric breakfast for us. (There is breakfast sausage in there, lest you think we go completely veggie for breakfast).


Next up is lunch for the week. It’s almost always a variation on chili. Again, quick to make, quick to heat, and a great way to pack in more veggies and protein.


When we run low on bread, I bake a new batch using my sourdough starter. (I don’t know that I’ve ever typed a more pretentious sentence.) I babied that starter for months now, and if I leave the bread a good 20 hours to rise, it does alright (most of the time).


Next, I try to prep anything that cuts down on Monday’s dinner. This week we had chicken fajitas, so I prepped the salsa to save myself time after work.


We also pre-seasoned the chicken thighs, and put them in the fridge to marinate overnight but didn’t take a picture of that step (of course).

On the second Tuesday of every month, Ross has an event he attends, so he has to be out the door quick. We planned on pesto linguine with pork meatballs so I prepped the meatball mixture so it would be ready to go on Tuesday as soon as I got home.


Wednesday night, we decided on Welsh rarebit with salad and grilled brats, so I prepped the rarebit mixture ahead to save myself that time consuming step on the night. I also pre-baked the potatoes that will be slathered in the rarebit mixture (recipe courtesy of Gary Rhodes) but again, failed to take a picture (it would have been the worlds most uninteresting picture anyway)


Finally- I made dinner. We thought it might be our final Sunday soup since the weather looks like its finally made a turn for the better, and we will start grilling EVERYTHING in just a few weeks. I made our favorite chicken dumpling soup which is no quick feat, but it is SO GOOD and we have leftovers like crazy, so we freeze that shiz and eat it again and again. Well worth the effort.



Best. Dumplings. Ever.

All in all it was a marathon, not a sprint. I still didn’t accomplish two things I had on my list- biscotti and tortillas. I ended up making the tortillas on the same night we ate the fajitas, which is normally too cumbersome to do on the same night (plus, I make a double batch then freeze the remainders for future tortilla needs). The biscotti still haven’t been made, but they will be for sure this weekend!

On a side note- cooking like this is great for a lot of reasons. We save a lot of money by not buying lunches (x2) every day. We eat a lot more nutrition than if we ate a cereal bar or toast for breakfast each morning (which we did for years). We like eating home cooked, well made food. We enjoy spending time together in the kitchen and we both LOVE TO EAT. On the downside, it’s time consuming. If I don’t spend several hours a week doing this work, it doesn’t happen. It often means my weekends aren’t incredibly flexible, or they fly by and I realize I didn’t do much besides cook! It’s definitely a trade-off and if I can figure out a way to have it all (I’d really just like permanent three-day weekends) I’d be very happy.

If you have quick fixes or great time-saving tips, please share!

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