Tata Harper Sale: Keeping My Skin Very Happy

You’ve seen by now that earlier this year I added some Tata Harper products into my skincare routine. When I got the email about their Mother’s Day sale, I knew I had to repurchase one of my favs. I’ve been using the Hydrating Floral Essence since January and when it started to run low, I debated endlessly about whether or not to re-buy. My initial purchase was the 50ml size and it lasted 3 months of once daily use. Still, it’s a pricey and non-essential step in my skincare routine. After all, it’s basically¬†water with extra fancy bits thrown in for good measure (a really really really lush and divine water to be sure.) However, I’ve been without for about two weeks now and I’m ¬†so glad I’ll be using it again tonight. I think the aloe in the water soothes my skin and helps it stay hydrated. It’s a pamper step my skin seems to love. Taking advantage of the sale means I got almost triple the amount for less than $10 more than I paid for the 50ml size (and will in theory last me almost three times as long). I would have purchased the Replenishing Nutrient Complex also, but the 10ml size I bought in January is only half gone- even with daily use.

If you are interested in Tata Harper Skincare, now is the time to try. I LOVE the two items I use every day, and I’ll probably expand my lineup with a cleanser next. I’d urge you to take advantage of 15% off (using code MDAY) while the sale lasts.


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