San Diego Part One- SO MUCH FOOD

Prepare yourselves for all the photos. And all the food. And all the photos. You’ve been warned. We ate so much and did so many things, that I’m breaking it up into two posts. If I’m boring myself with the length of this post, I’m sure you’re feeling the same way. Part two will contain more food, and a big bucket list item for Ross… stay tuned.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was in San Diego for a girls weekend. Ross, my beer-loving husband, decided to attend that National Home Brewer’s Conference this year, thus giving us the excuse to extend our trip into a proper vacation (it didn’t hurt that San Diego County has one of the highest numbers of breweries per capita). Since my cousin, Lindsey, lives out there, I got a two-for-one: a quick girls catch-up, and a few days with Ross to explore a city I knew he’d love.

I’m going to write about this trip in chronological order… it will look like we did nothing but eat. (that’s partially true)

Anytime we stay in a hotel, I get paranoid about coffee. I love coffee. I more than love coffee- I’m co-dependent on coffee. Most of the time (this one included) the coffee that the hotel provides is undeniably gross. Fortunately, there was a Starbucks on the hotel grounds, so I could at least get a decent drip coffee. After a long travel day the day before, I knew we’d want to wake up and go for a great breakfast and a decent cup of coffee. By an absolute stroke of genius, our hotel was only a few miles from The Great Maple, a fantastic breakfast place Lindsey introduced me to on my last trip. I knew the food was good, and the coffee was great, so off we went…

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

IMG_1853.2015-06-11_165901  IMG_1854.2015-06-11_170637

The breakfast was amazing. I got the chilaquiles (which I will dream about for the rest of my life) and Ross got a chorizo scramble. Both were to die for (but mine more than his 🙂 )

IMG_1856.2015-06-11_171136  IMG_1855.2015-06-11_171133

Back to our hotel so I could get my stuff to stay at Lindsey’s. First, I had to see Ross off for his first day at the conference (I felt like a proud parent and made him pose for a picture with his backpack.)


Later that night, after Ross left for the conference and I was transferred to Lindsey’s custody, we went to the Queenstown Public House for dinner. We started with a flight of sangria, some tempura veg and calamari, and split a patty melt.

IMG_1889.2015-06-11_235439  IMG_1891.2015-06-12_000037
IMG_1893.2015-06-12_000940  IMG_1894.2015-06-12_004152

The food was great, but the weather and the conversation were even better. We were in San Diego during the notorious June gloom, and we’d had an overcast day with drizzle. By the time Lindsey and I sat down to dinner, it was finally gloriously sunny and beautiful. Too bad for Ross, he was in a hotel conference room.

One of the things I love most about San Diego, is that the weather allows for after-dinner walks. Lindsey and I went for a long walk through downtown and to the harbor. Don’t know why, but we were both fascinated by the submarine (so much so that I took a picture that in 5 years, I’ll never remember what it’s of or why I took it in the first place).


After that, Linds and I did what Linds and I do best- we stayed up WAY TOO LATE talking. It’s our thing.

The next morning, she treated me to a Lindsey specialty- scrambled eggs. I cannot overstate the magic of these eggs. She sprinkles unicorn dust on them or something. I cook eggs 5 or more days a week, and I can’t get them to taste this good. She also introduced me to the world of Vietnamese coffee, which thankfully I cannot get nearby, or I’d have one every day.


We spent the day lounging around, doing more talking (shocker) and finally went and shopped our asses off at a local mall, which had both a Sephora (three times the size of my local one) and a stand alone MAC store, so it was basically a free for all. I petted and touched all the pretty things, and talked poor Lindsey’s ears off about all the items I covet. I picked up a few things I wanted, but of course, I’ll post about those separately.

We went and met a few of her friends at Ballast Point. I took no pictures because I was trying not to be creepy to strangers. That’s harder than it sounds.

Finally, we had a late dinner at a place called Comun. This place specialized in tostadas, and small shareables, which is awesome when you want to try lots and lots of things.

We split elotes (not pictured because we wolfed it down at lightening speed) ceviche and carnitas tostadas, a TJ dog (Tijuana style- wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with chicharrones -also half eaten in the picture because we were starving and apparently unable to stop our selves from inhaling everything) and split a dessert that can only be described in one word- AMAZE. Chocolate. Mezcal soaked fruit. Coffee Ice Cream. Done. Done. Done.

IMG_1910.2015-06-13_041557  IMG_1914.2015-06-13_042314
IMG_1915.2015-06-13_044331  IMG_1916.2015-06-13_045933

Since this restaurant was right outside PetCo park, and there was a Padres game happening, we took a post-dinner stroll by the park and listened to the ambient sounds of baseball (which I love.)

IMG_1920.2015-06-13_051443  IMG_1917.2015-06-13_051021

Saturday morning with Lindsey and Chicken meant one thing- DOG BEACH! OMG, I was in love with this place. If only Sadie could go and be there every weekend. She’d flip. Of course, I loved watching Chicken play, but I def stalked ALL the dogs hanging out on the beach, especially the golden retriever that was swimming in deep water and submerging his face and blowing bubbles *heart bursts*

IMG_1923.2015-06-13_192623  IMG_1925.2015-06-13_193108
IMG_1932.2015-06-13_194203  IMG_1926.2015-06-13_193203

Saturday afternoon is when Ross got to join. With the conference over, I got the chance to show him some of the things I loved most about San Diego. We decided on ramen for dinner, since the location can’t be beat, and we can’t get ramen in b-town. While the ramen at Underbelly is good, the pork buns are TO DIE FOR. Hence the double order.

IMG_1957.2015-06-14_012953  IMG_1960.2015-06-14_013601

We did another long walk after dinner, and inexplicably found ourselves at Extraordinary Desserts… hmmm… wonder how that happened?

IMG_1963.2015-06-14_031721  IMG_1966.2015-06-14_035056
IMG_1967.2015-06-14_035107  IMG_1968.2015-06-14_035110

We all got something different so we could share and try. Lindsey’s chocolate bread pudding (bottom left) and the Ross’s strawberry buttermilk ice cream were the winners. There may or may not have been lots of spoon sneak attacks on those…

I’ll continue our trip in a part two post coming soon… There was more food (obvs) and a fun and exciting adventure for Ross. Stay tuned!

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  1. OMG, this is awesome. I get to relive the trip! I’m now so glad you were militant about taking pics of the food. It makes it! I now find myself screeching others to a halt when out to eat for a pic of the food before it is touched- even though I have no intention for what to do with the picture after. You conditioned me!

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