Monotone Makeup for Platinum Hair

New hair means new makeup routine. I’ve had my hair platinum now for about a month, and I’m only just now starting to figure out how I like to wear makeup on a day-to-day basis.

After quite a bit of experimentation, I’ve landed on a look that I wear almost every day of the week and it’s brown, brown, and brown.

I like the way a slightly smokey, mostly monotone look pairs with the new hair. I start, as always, by evening out my skin. On this particular day, I was having a bit of an issue with extra redness on my cheeks, so before I put on foundation, I layered a bit of yellow concealer to help correct the redness.

DSC_0217  DSC_0222
DSC_0224  DSC_0225

Not bad for wearing absolutely no foundation at this point. I don’t do this step every day, but when I feel like the ruddiness is going to bleed through my foundation, I’ll go this extra step. Next up, my usual foundation routine:

DSC_0228  DSC_0229
DSC_0230  DSC_0232

With my hair being so light, I make sure to add just a touch of concealer on my inner corners to conceal a bit of blue discoloration I have there, and I also highlight my brow bone after priming my eyelids (also, insta-brow lift for people like me with low brows):

DSC_0237  DSC_0235

Making sure my skin is as even as possible really helps make even the most minimal eye makeup look more polished. Seems like a lot of steps, but now my skin is a blank canvas:


Apparently my hair is desperate to be a mullet. DRIVES ME MAD!


Next, I dust my eyelids with a matte cream-colored shadow because I have excessively oily eyelids and sometimes primer isn’t enough to stop the shadow from creasing. Running a matte shadow will add an additional barrier for oil, especially as the day progresses. It also helps any other dark shadows blend much easier on top.  My go-to shade is Vanilla Bean by Makeup Geek. And yes, I see that the hair around my ears is still a bit yellow, it’s since been fixed, but the camera and lighting made it look more exaggerated than it did in person, and I give not one shit about it.

DSC_0243  DSC_0245

Next, I put a light layer of an inner corner highlight right on the inside corners of my eyes and up the lid, slightly. I use Shimma Shimma by Makeup Geek, and it’s intensly shimmery, but it looks great when used sparingly. Then, I ran a light brown matte shadow through the crease as my transition color- Barcelona Beach by Makeup Geek. If you can’t tell, I’m freaking in love with these shadows… Such good quality at such an incredible price.

DSC_0246  DSC_0248

Next, to shape my eyes, I ran a brown smudgeable liner (aka kohl or non-waterproof) along my upper lash lines. I also drew a winged-triangle shape at the outer corner and filled it in with the liner. Then I smudged it out with an eyeliner brush to get rid of any obvious lines and build color on my lids. Due to my eye shape, I can’t do a crisp wing without wearing lots and lots of liner, so I do the shape then blend blend blend to get the effect of a wing, without the harsh lines.

DSC_0255  DSC_0258
DSC_0259  DSC_0260

Then, to further intensify the outer corner and build more color, I take a deep matte brown on a pencil brush and trace again over the winged shape, and continue to pull the product in towards the center of my eyelid. It’s ultimately to create a gradient effect, which you know I’m fond of. I used a shadow from the original Lorac Pro Palette in the shade Espresso.

DSC_0268  DSC_0269

In the pic below, one eye is blended, and the other is not. See how the blending softens everything and creates the smokey effect? It’s also how I can get the cat-eye shape without being so drastic about it.

DSC_0270  DSC_0272

Then I took a warm brown (Latte) from my Makeup Geek palette and ran it through the outer part of my crease and on my lower lash line. Then, to no one’s surprise, I tightlined with gel liner and lined my upper lash line. It makes all the difference on my eyes:

DSC_0274  DSC_0277
DSC_0280  DSC_0283
Before mascara, I set the rest of my face with my go-to MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural and trusty Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

DSC_0286  DSC_0287

Aaaaaannnnnddddd in true form, I couldn’t resist using two mascaras. Miss Manga gives me volume, and the Falsies gives me length. They are a true dynamic duo.

DSC_0288  DSC_0289

DSC_0291  DSC_0294

In keeping with the ‘monotone theme’ I used a bit of light bronzer on my face to help give a bit of shape. I also used just a touch of a cream-to-powder blush by Maybelline to add just a slight bit of color, but again, it’s a pretty muted blush. Nothing too vibrant for this look.

DSC_0297  DSC_0298

DSC_0300  DSC_0302

And that’s it. I love this look. I can’t bring myself to do anything else when I sit down at my makeup table in the morning. Makes me love the platinum hair even more!




If you just can’t help yourself, and you are thinking “I wonder how this would look with vibrant lipstick?” Well, fear no more my friend. I got you.

DSC_0326  DSC_0327


Not bad, but I prefer with no lipstick… Maybe just a bit of gloss.



Any looks or techniques you’d like to see? Make sure you let me know! I’d be happy to demonstrate anything I think I’m skilled enough in not to embarrass myself. Find me on social media and make suggestions!

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