Warm Copper Smokey Eye

Sometimes, when I’m going through my makeup looking to get inspired, I stumble across a shadow that I think “I’ll never wear that” and that’s motivation enough for me to try something with it. This time, I noticed I had a few copper shadows lurking around that look beautiful in the pan, but have never made it onto my eyes. I sat down to have a bit of a play around, and I really loved the outcome.

On this particular day-red cheeks for days. So I covered it a bit with some yellow-based concealer before applying a light layer of foundation.

DSC_0043  DSC_0045

The concealer really helps neutralize the red, and helps my foundation look more even. I don’t do this step every day, only on days I have exaggerated surface redness. Believe it or not, there are no active breakouts on my skin. I just have red cheeks. Always red cheeks.

DSC_0046  DSC_0047
DSC_0049  DSC_0050

When you see it side by side, you can really see the difference:

DSC_0043  DSC_0053

For this look, I used MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. I custom mixed NW10 and NW20 from sample pots for as close a match as I could get (for anyone wondering, there are two inbetween shades- NW13 and NW18. I have NW13 to try, but I haven’t yet. I think it will be a match. For now, I’m mixing.). I really really really love this foundation so far. I’ve worn it almost every day for about two weeks, and I love how it wears throughout the day. If I have one complaint, it’s that it oxidizes on me pretty quickly, so I have to start a shade lighter than I really am, so as it darkens throughout the day, it doesn’t go too far. I did a quick spot conceal using MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer Duo. I love this concealer. It sets very nicely and it’s very pigmented, but it doesn’t go dry and weird. I also put a bit of concealer under my eyes to really even out my face and cover any blue tones.

DSC_0054  DSC_0056

Ok. Now. Are you ready for this? New step in the routine… I started doing my brows.

Yep. Me. With no lack of brows, I took a really long time to get on this train, and now I wondered how I was ever not on it. I use Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown, and I find that if I just lightly run this through the front and tails of my brows, that it covers patchy areas and helps shape my arches. See what you think…

DSC_0058  DSC_0061

Here is one done, one undone:                                and both done:

DSC_0063  DSC_0064

Just a bit more shape. I’m hooked…

Anyway, I primed and prepped my lids as per usual, and dusted them with a matte vanilla shade to help with creasing. For my first prep step, I ran a medium warm brown on my lower lash line. Weird first step? Maybe. But I thought I should build the shape starting with the lower lash line. After I layered it up a bit, I ran some through my crease to serve as a transition shade. I used my Lorac Pro Palette and the shade Taupe for this:

DSC_0067  DSC_0068
DSC_0069  DSC_0072

Since the palette has a great coppery shade called “garnet’ I patted it all over my lid, the inner corners, and slightly into the crease.

DSC_0074  DSC_0075
DSC_0077  DSC_0079

Since garnet is quite a muted copper and leans quite brown on me, I decided to amp it up a bit by layering MAC’s Coppering just on my mobile lid. This shade has a bit more of an orangey copper color, and really pops.

DSC_0080  DSC_0081

To build more shape and help the red/copper colors pop, I used a pencil brush and a deep brown from the Lorac palette to shape the outer corner of my eye and shade a bit.

DSC_0082  DSC_0083

I pulled that brown down along the outside of the lower lash line and ran some of the Coppering in the middle and inner lower lash line.

DSC_0089  DSC_0093

As you can see above, the copper shadows can make you look ill if you don’t have a bit of separation and definition to the look. So, to achieve both separation and definition, I lined my upper lash line with brown gel liner (to no one’s surprise, ever). You can really see the difference:

DSC_0095  DSC_0097

The liner also helps me balance out the asymmetry in my eyes. And for me, mascara is a girls best friend.


As with all the Lorac shadows, there was a bit of fallout to clean up before finishing the skin with a bit of bronzer.

DSC_0104  DSC_0105

I ran a bit of the Balm’s Frat Boy over the apples of my cheeks for a peachy warmth that I thought would compliment the gold in the shadows. And, if you are going to play with makeup and let things get a little cray, might as well put on some highlighter (the Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer of course). Made me feel all fancy and shit.

DSC_0108  DSC_0109
DSC_0110  DSC_0111

I liked the result of this. A little more full-on and sultry than I like to go on the day to day, but as I wore it after taking pics, I kept thinking ‘hmmmm. This looks good!’






I had fun with this one. Makes me want to do another “Let’s see what happens”. Any looks you’d like me to try? Let me know! You can leave a comment on this post, or you can find me on Instagram and Twitter

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