Five Great Orangey Red Lipsticks to Help Beat the Dog Days of Summer

It’s hot. Face meltingly, makeup destroyingly hot. When it gets this gross outside, and the heat and humidity make sure I look like I’ve just come from a workout- no matter where I’ve been-  I have to rely on a pretty light makeup routine to keep my skin happy. When minimal eyeshadow and light foundation are a must, the best products in my makeup bag are my lipsticks.

I’m sure there’s some #science to back up my summer-makeup-theory: if I wear lipstick as bright as the sun, the heat deflects and keeps me cooler. Sound unlikely? Yea, but that’s what delusion is for.

Anyway, I love orangey lipsticks. The love really kicked into high gear when I found an old lip crayon for this tutorial, and realized how much I really dug wearing such a vibrant warm pop of color, especially now that my hair is lighter. Here are my five favorite orangey-red lipsticks to help beat the summer heat.

1. Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Poppy Pop. This lipstick is awesome. The formula is smooth and buttery and the pigmentation is surprisingly opaque. It’s not long-wearing, and it transfers super easily, but I can also reapply without a mirror because of its forgiving texture. This lipstick is great for anyone looking for a no-muss, no-fuss comfortable vibrant lipstick. (I’m actually such a fan of the formula that I also bought Cherry Pop, which is the most GORGEOUS bright red).

DSC_0005  DSC_0007

2. Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Sherry. This lip cream is super super vibrant. Bite Beauty uses food-grade ingredients in their lip products, so if you are looking for a brand that is ingredient-conscious, this one is your go-to. The lip cream is comfortable to wear, but I find it does at times pick up on patchy spots on my lips, if I have any dryness or chapping. It also transfers and requires frequent re-application- especially in the middle of the lips. But the color is just perfection, and I don’t notice it drying out my lips as the day goes.

DSC_0014  DSC_0028

3. Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Mandarin Muse. I love this formula. So much so that I own two additional shades in the range (strawberry kiss and watermelon slice.) This lipstick is great for long-wear. The pigmentation is great (and definitely the most orange of the ones listed today), and it dries down to a true matte finish, so transfer is minimal and I don’t really get patchy (despite multiple cups of coffee) until lunch. If there are any negatives, it does as it says- it stains. I often have to use makeup remover to get my lips back to normal at the end of the day, but that’s not really a complaint. Also, at only $14, it’s one of the most affordable liquid lipsticks on the market.

DSC_0029  DSC_0033

4. Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Art Stick-Orange.  This one is for you ultra-matte lipstick lovers. The art stick has a creamy crayon texture, and once it’s set, there’s no moving it. The pigmentation is awesome, and there’s a special brightness to this shade that really pops. Because of the dry texture, I think it can pick up on patchy areas, and gets dry as the day goes. If I know I need a lip color to hang with me all day, I reach for this one.

DSC_0045  DSC_0054

5. Ciate London Liquid Velvet Matte Lip Slick in Risque. This one is the latest addition to my collection, and the one I reach for the most. The texture is exactly as described- velvet. It dries, and there’s no stickiness or tightness to the finish, but there’s still a bit of transfer, so it’s not an immovable liquid lipstick. I do have to touch up throughout the day, but the wear is so comfortable, I don’t mind. It’s super pigmented and bright and I feel like a rockstar when I wear it.

DSC_0059  DSC_0063



Let me know if there are other orange/red lipsticks I must own or try. I covet them all.

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