How I Control Lipstick Bleed

I’ve got vertical lip lines. These lip lines + my obsession for¬†lipsticks = feathering and lipstick bleed ALL THE TIME. Normal lip pencils don’t do a whole lot to control the inevitable slide of product, but I found somthing that stops my lipstick from migrating and keeps my lips looking perfect all day.

Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner is a clear, waxy product that fills in the lines around my lips and acts like a barrier: no lipstick bleeds through with this baby!

On the right side of my lips, I have a freckle that also serves as a conduit for lipstick bleeding. You can see in the pic below, that I have vertical lines that gather product.


Before I apply any pigmented/long-lasting/matte lipstick, I trace the outside of my lips with the pencil, then apply a light layer of my favorite under-lipstick balm. When I trace the outside of my lips, some product can build up, if that happens to you, pat the product in with your finger, and problem solved.


Notice I’m running it right outside my lip line. I run a layer on the exact lip line, then one outside. I feel like this is double-insurance for feathering.

Once the product is patted in, I apply lipstick. This is the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 107 I used in last week’s makeup look.




Sharp lines. No bleed (despite the freckle’s attempts to thwart). Any other tips or tricks I should know about to help with lipstick feathering? Any go-to products to share? You can find me on Instagram and Twitter

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