Lipstick Advent Calendar Day Two: Bite Beauty Multistick

Day two’s lipstick is technically a multistick. Bite Beauty is one of my absolute favorite brands, so when they launched these multisticks, I snapped one up. I bought the shade Brioche on a whim, and I like it so much, I’ll likely buy a few more shades. This color is warm. Very warm. And very red. That makes it simpatico with my natural flush. I tend to wear this on low-makeup days.


Brioche is described as a terra-cotta red, which is accurate. It is very lightweight, so I stipple it on my cheeks and pat it on my lips. Application tip: apply the product to the back of your hand then transfer to your cheeks and lips with a brush or fingers.. I find the color difficult to blend straight from the bullet. A brush will also prevent any disturbances to your foundation. I love the finish- it’s velvety, and stays comfortable. It’s not long wearing, but fades nicely, so I don’t fuss too much about it.

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