San Diego Part Two- More Food and a Bit of Adventure

It’s really not a vacation if we don’t center then entire thing around food and drink. Ross is a well-documented beer nerd (and the Homebrewer’s Conference is what took us out there in the first place) and we had a LOOOONNNNNNNG list of breweries to hit. Before we crammed in as many as humanly possible, we made time for a belated birthday wish…


Yep. That’s right. Ross wanted to skydive. Good for him, really. I had no interest. I like my feet firmly on the ground, and those of you who know me know what a challenge that can be, even on the best of days. His appointment was at 3pm, so we had the morning free to do as we pleased, so we did what we do best- eat.

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San Diego Part One- SO MUCH FOOD

Prepare yourselves for all the photos. And all the food. And all the photos. You’ve been warned. We ate so much and did so many things, that I’m breaking it up into two posts. If I’m boring myself with the length of this post, I’m sure you’re feeling the same way. Part two will contain more food, and a big bucket list item for Ross… stay tuned.

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Weekly Food Shopping- How We Save Money and Time

I remember our food wake-up call very clearly. It was 2008 and Ross and I were living with my parents- we hadn’t been back from England very long. I was working full-time and Ross wasn’t as his visa hadn’t been approved yet. We had very few expenses. No rent, utilities, or anything much more than some food costs and gas. I thought we’d be raking in the money. I thought we’d be saving lots, quickly saving money so we could move out as soon as Ross had his visa and a job. But that’s not what was happening. We were saving some, but not enough in comparison to what I was making (which at that time wasn’t much). We sat down one night and started to add up our expenses from our bank account, and I was gobsmacked to see we were spending $600+ on groceries a month. I believe I cried. Mainly because we were living at my parents house and we’d been spending this much for about 6 months. When I added it up, I was overwhelmed at how much we could have saved or spent in other areas. We were only cooking for ourselves a night or two a week. My parents were so generous and they’d been feeding us since we moved in, trying to help us get on our feet. We were leaking money at the grocery store, and we needed it to stop.

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San Diego Girls Weekend A.K.A. food food food

When my cousin and Vampire Diaries- watching partner-in-crime, Lindsey took a job with a great company in San Diego, I was a sad panda. Mostly because we hung out weekly to watch TVD, (or True Blood during summers) gossip, and knit. Moving meant saying goodbye to our usual rituals. Moving also meant the possibility for visits, and in October, I flew out for a girls weekend.

Lindsey moved in July, so she had some time before I visited to get to know the city a bit. I’d been to San Diego twice previously, but both times I was under 21, and more interested in the zoo than the culture.

We ate. We talked. We laughed. We ate. We talked. We ate. We ate. We ate.

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Our Favorite Sunday Breakfast Treat- Waffles

I love Sunday mornings. They are usually pretty lazy. I try to avoid doing anything on Sunday’s that requires leaving the house. There is something inherently wrong in having to properly get dressed on Sundays. I like pajamas. And coffee. And a newspaper. And DVR catch-up. And WAFFLES!

Is there anything better than a waffle? Crispy, chewy, buttery and maple-syrupy goodness. My fave. I use this recipe from Food Network and after trying several others, its become my go-to. I always double it to make enough waffles to freeze for on-the-go snacks an breakfasts, but it’s a very balanced and delicious recipe.

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This Weekend’s Food Projects- Moussaka

We try to have a nice Sunday dinner. We also knew that Saturday’s dinner would be hard to beat, so when Ross was looking for inspiration, he stumbled across a recipe for Moussaka that inspired nostalgia and a bit of excitement. Since Saturday was spent completing all the week-ahead cooking, I thought we could easily tackle this recipe. It was the only thing I had to do! Fool. This one was complicated. Moussaka- it’s basically lasagna, and had I thought about that before planning to make it, I would have reconsidered. Don’t get me wrong- it was delicious. It was also approximately 35 dirty pans, 62 utensils, and 14 mixing bowls of fun to clean up (which, thankfully for me, is my husband’s job). Continue reading

This Weekend’s Food Projects- The perfect ragu

In our house, weekends are for cooking. Usually my weekends are spent in my kitchen, streaming a tv show of choice (right now it’s Supernatural), and cooking up a storm. Ross is often in the background, offering his thoughts on the current plot twists, or helpfully putting things away before I use them. This weekend was no different. Cold weekend+time change= comfort food. Continue reading