My Hair-volution: From Long and Brown to Short and Platinum

I’m going gray. There. I said it. The gray hairs have been creeping in slowly and steadily since my 25th birthday or so, and in recent months, I noticed that I was starting to develop a streak right along my natural part. When my hair was long, the grays were more noticeable. I covered them with a generic box dye and didn’t have much issue. When I cut my hair off two years ago, I was suddenly able to go without dying my hair. The grays weren’t nearly as noticeable, and blended in with the variety of color I had in my hair naturally.

When the streak really started making itself known, I knew I was at a crossroads. While I accept and advocate for the concept of aging gracefully, I’m 32 years old. That’s way too young for me to give myself over to going gray completely. So I decided before I started dying my hair brown, and kept it brown forever, I’d have a short stop at blonde.

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