Lipstick Advent Calendar Day Four: Dose of Colors

This is the perfect time of year for this color. Dose of Colors liquid lipstick in Brick is a deep brown red. I have both positive and negative things to say about this product. First, the good- I absolutely love the color. The pigmentation is great, and the color applies well with one coat. The formula, however, isn’t anything exceptional. It’s comfortable if you aren’t a lip smoosher, like me. (Lip smooshing is the art of constantly and consistently smooshing lips due to lipstick patchiness paranoia). If you can apply and leave it alone, it wears well.

Here are my issues with this product- the applicator makes it very tricky to get a sharp line. Liquid lipstick isn’t liquid lipstick without crisp edges. I had to get a stiff lipstick brush to help clean up, which means I’ll be picky about when I reach for this lipstick. I also find that it goes a bit patchy as it wears, particularly in the middle where the lips meet.I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t worn it enough to report on how it does with reapplication during the day. If it crumbles, it will be cast aside. That’s my liquid lipstick pet peeve.

It’s fierce in photos, though. Get it here.



Five Great Orangey Red Lipsticks to Help Beat the Dog Days of Summer

It’s hot. Face meltingly, makeup destroyingly hot. When it gets this gross outside, and the heat and humidity make sure I look like I’ve just come from a workout- no matter where I’ve been-  I have to rely on a pretty light makeup routine to keep my skin happy. When minimal eyeshadow and light foundation are a must, the best products in my makeup bag are my lipsticks.

I’m sure there’s some #science to back up my summer-makeup-theory: if I wear lipstick as bright as the sun, the heat deflects and keeps me cooler. Sound unlikely? Yea, but that’s what delusion is for.

Anyway, I love orangey lipsticks. The love really kicked into high gear when I found an old lip crayon for this tutorial, and realized how much I really dug wearing such a vibrant warm pop of color, especially now that my hair is lighter. Here are my five favorite orangey-red lipsticks to help beat the summer heat.

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