Lipstick Advent Calendar Day Eight- MAC Cosmetics See Sheer

This is a great MLBB lipstick. MLBB, for those not in the know, means ‘my lips but better’. This shade is peachy and sheer, so it applies easily without a mirror. It’s so great to throw in my bag and have on hand if I know I need to look put together and natural. I’d recommend it for anyone whose coloring leans slightly warm, or for lipstick nubes. If you want something very user friendly, this is a great place to start.

See Sheer by MAC Cosmetics is a shade I often overlook this lipstick because it isn’t a bold, in-your-face color, but I’m adding it to the stash of lipsticks in my bag to give it a bit extra love next month.

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Lipstick Advent Calendar Day Six: MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Sin

I can’t stop with these super dark lipsticks. Frankly, I can’t stop with any and all lipsticks, but that’s an ongoing issue. I was in Vancouver this weekend (hence the backlogged posts) and I went to the world’s largest Nordstrom. I swatched and swatched and swatched, and I kept coming back to Sin by MAC Cosmetics. So I treated myself. It’s matte, my favorite texture, and it wore so well throughout the day. I tend to get pretty bad lipstick bleed, but this one stayed put. I was really impressed. The texture stayed comfortable, and it didn’t get terribly patchy like it’s other dark lipstick brethren. When I wear it, I feel fierce, and that makes it a winner in my book.

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Red lipstick for Valentine’s Day? Here are my picks

No one needs an excuse for a great red lipstick. However, if you need an excuse- Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I own more red lipsticks than any one person should, and I love them all dearly. If you are looking for a great red lipstick for Valentine’s Day (or any day) here are some of my favorites:

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Let’s See What Happens- Stila Eyes Are the Window Palette

It’s been a while. Life happens. It’s only been recently that I felt ready to sit down with the camera and play with makeup. The recent purchase of this beautiful Stila palette didn’t hurt:
Stila Eyes Are the Window
I’ve had this palette on my Sephora wishlist for ages, and I finally pulled the trigger when I got a bit burned out on defining a crease, wearing liner, etc, and all I wanted to do with my makeup is wash a one-sweep shadow over my lids, sweep on mascara and go. Turns out, this palette is great for both of those options, and since I bought it in December, it’s all I’ve used.
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Going Formal- Fancy Party Makeup

This past weekend, my company celebrated 100 years of service. 100 years. That’s an amazing milestone worthy of an over-the-top party. The Centennial gala had been in the works for over a year now, and you know I’m a makeup nerd when I couldn’t stop thinking about how it would be an excuse to USE ALL THE MAKEUP THINGS (aka highlighter, highlighter, and more highlighter). When I’m doing fancy party makeup, I try to remember two things: low lighting and photography. I can really pile on the glow because it looks great in mood lighting and I can be more heavy handed with face products because it photographs beautifully.

Since I knew I’d be taking my time getting ready, and really piling it on, I sat down at my makeup station to document. When I sat down, I only knew one thing- the look must have falsh lashes and lots of highlighter. The rest? I winged it.

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Warm Copper Smokey Eye

Sometimes, when I’m going through my makeup looking to get inspired, I stumble across a shadow that I think “I’ll never wear that” and that’s motivation enough for me to try something with it. This time, I noticed I had a few copper shadows lurking around that look beautiful in the pan, but have never made it onto my eyes. I sat down to have a bit of a play around, and I really loved the outcome.

On this particular day-red cheeks for days. So I covered it a bit with some yellow-based concealer before applying a light layer of foundation.

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Vacation Treats- What I Bought in San Diego

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the remainder of the food bonanza that will be San Diego Part Two. I just need a bit of a lipstick break, ya know? I may or may not use vacation as an excuse to buy myself a few treats. In what can only be described as a convergence of the makeup universe, our hotel was a 4 min walk to an amazing mall that housed a gigantic Sephora and a standalone MAC store- both of which are 1+ hour drives from my house. A 4 minute walk? Had to be done. Multiple times.

Ultimately, I used restraint and only purchased things I’d really had my eye on. Otherwise, I would have had to sell an organ or take out a second mortgage because I would have run through both stores ‘Supermarket Sweep’ style (anyone else think that should HAPPEN? Imagine- a game show where we could fill our baskets with all the pretty things, even with one minute? The carnage.)

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My Version of Glam

If you saw my last post, you know that day to day I try to wear my makeup as naturally and fresh looking as possible. Occasionally I feel like having a bit of fun and I can really pile it on. This look is about as glam as I get (and about as complicated). We’re talking a full face- foundation, heavier eye makeup, highlighter, contour, the whole lot. Every once and a while it’s fun to get a little intense. Continue reading

My Daily Makeup-Keeping it Fresh and All About the Lashes

I’ve been on a minimal makeup kick. Winter is always the season I wear more makeup all around- once it starts warming up and the humidity rises, I have to change my game plan. Higher humidity=higher chance for cakey-ness. It’s also true that piling on makeup isn’t necessarily the secret to looking youthful and fresh, and while I’m in no way complaining about getting older, I don’t want to practice any habits that age me unnecessarily. Keeping that in mind, I’ve done the impossible- I’ve gone without my signature black eyeliner for almost two weeks, and I’ve kept my foundation routine as light as I feel I can while still evening out my skin tone.

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Makeup 101- Brush Basics

It’s a big wide brush world out there. So many choices and so many purposes. Brushes can make makeup application more fun, and also help get the most out of your product, but there are SO MANY variations that many makeup beginners are intimidated. I pulled my most-used brushes out of my collection to share what I think are some great basics. So pull out a notepad, THROW AWAY THE SPONGE APPLICATORS and dig in…

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